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Compass Point Primary School

SEND Resource Base

Welcome to our new Specialist Resource Base

 Special Needs and Autism Resource Base at Compass Point Primary

Our context

Our Specialist Resource Base provision first opened in September 2021 for 8 key stage 2 children with Education, Health and Care plans (EHCP) with a primary need of Autism or Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). Following a significant building project our provision expanded in the Autumn of 2022  to offer 16 more places for children from Reception to Year 2. As an inclusive school we have seen this as a fantastic opportunity to provide specialist provision for the children and families of South Bristol. 

Our facilities

The resource base provision occupies two different areas of the school. The Greenfinch and Chaffinch classes (KS1 and early years provision) is in an adapted space which includes its own therapy room, sensory room, bespoke outdoor provision as well as two well equipped classrooms. Children in the Goldfinch class (KS2 provision) are working alongside the other KS2 classes, they have access to their own sensory room, deescalation space and two learning spaces.

Our children

Our resource base provision is best suited to children who are able to access some mainstream learning alongside specialist teaching. Children have access to a high quality school curriculum which has been adapted from the National Curriculum.  Children from the specialist resource base are very much seen as being integral members of the school community and their provision is designed to be unique to each child, taking into account their own needs and interests. 

Applying for places

Parents and carers can apply for a place at the Resource Base through the SEND team at Bristol City Council. They need to have an Education, Health and Care plan with a primary need of ASC or Speech Language and Communication Needs SLCN. Unfortunately we are unable to offer provision to children wishing to move from our mainstream classes to the resource base unless they have been offered a place through the LA SEND team. 

Currently we have no places in any of our resource base classes

If you would like to enquire further about the Resource Base, please click here to book a visit or call back.  Visits take place every term, to see dates for visits please see our school calendar. If you have been offered a place please email SEND@compasspoint.bristol.sch.uk.


 Our vision for the Resource Base is very personal to us and forms part of our whole school ethos.

 We aim for every child to become the best they can be with the skills, reason, sensitivity and tolerance to grow into an educated and caring individual ready to embark on the next stage of life’s journey.

We aim for each child to celebrate their autism and build on their strengths by teaching them the necessary skills and strategies to build their confidence and raise their self-esteem through tailored support in the base, the mainstream classroom and the wider community.  We provide high quality teaching and learning experiences and an education that fosters ambition and prepares children for the future.


We provide a framework that covers the National Curriculum, broken into half termly themes connecting different areas of learning. This allows for a seamless transition between subjects with the aim of reducing anxiety.  Lessons are further broken down with tasks having a visible and predictable structure.  Visual timetables and a ‘first and then’ approach along with brain breaks, social stories and pre-teaching prepares pupils for transitions between subjects.

A broad and balanced curriculum that builds on pupils’ prior learning is achieved through quality first teaching. Lessons are delivered in a range of learning styles to suit individual needs. We make good use of outdoor space with a forest schools garden.

Additionally, pupils have time to work on their individual EHCP outcomes. Ongoing assessments of pupils allows for personalised learning to take place.

Pupils will access whole class sessions, small group and 1:1 teaching in distraction free, low-stimulus environments. Additional adult support and a flexible approach enables pupils to success their learning alongside their peers.  We aim for pupils to access their learning for 20-80% of their timetable in the mainstream school enabling them to develop their social communication and language skills.  Through shared activities such as reading, maths, science, art, forest schools, gardening, playground games, PE and cooking pupils will learn alongside a small group of their peers and develop their interaction with others.

The Specialist Resource Base curriculum is specifically adapted from the EYFS and National Curriculum to provide for the academic and personal development of all pupils. The starting point for the curriculum is the individual child and making the learning enjoyable is fundamentally important. The balance between subject based sessions, personal, behavioural and therapeutic input may vary for each of these pupils and is planned according to individual needs. A range of specialised communication approaches including, Makaton, PECS and TEACCH strategies are used and there is a great emphasis placed on communication skills for all our learners. 

The curriculum is a stimulating multi-sensory approach to learning for all our children, encouraging learning through exploration and more awareness of visual, auditory and tactile experiences. The curriculum is designed to create opportunities for developing social interaction, combining emotional and social development with academic and cognitive growth.


The Resource Base is a 24 place specialist provision for pupils in primary education.  It is expected that all pupils admitted to the Resource Base shall have a primary need of Autistic Spectrum diagnosis or Communication and Interaction and an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

 The Council’s expectation is that pupil places in our Resource Base will have particular needs in line with the definitions of the SEND Code of Practice 2015:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/send-code-of-practice-0-to-25

Autism Spectrum Condition

Pupils with an autism diagnosis are likely to have particular difficulties with social interaction and may also experience difficulties with language, communication and social imagination which can impact on how they relate to others.  These children would likely have faced significant challenges within their mainstream school and/or the community that they live in.  Recognition is made that with the right interventions, support, knowledge of staff working with them and environmental factors a bridge back towards mainstream life can be forged.

SEND Resource Base Team (ID 1199)

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