Sports Premium and Pupil Premium funding

Pupil Premium

The Government introduced the Pupil Premium Grant in April 2011. This grant, which is additional to main school funding, is seen by the government as the best way to address any underlying inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and their peers from families with higher incomes.

The Pupil Premium is allocated directly to schools and schools must decide how the Pupil Premium is best spent.  Each year we report how last year's pupil premium was spent and the impact it had on pupils.  We use the same report to set out our plans for how to spend that year's allocation. We aim to harness the opportunities given to us through the pupil premium grant to ensure teaching is excellent and that additional support and interventions are effective and have high levels of impact. 

At Compass Point Primary School we nurture and support learning for all of our pupils. We do this by providing high quality classroom teaching with additional interventions where needed. The Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body monitor the impact of all spending and interventions, including the Pupil Premium. We believe very strongly that all children deserve the best possible education and as a school we have high expectations for every child. We understand that all children are individuals and therefore the school personalises spending to meet the evolving needs of individual children. 

High Quality Teaching:

  • We target a high percentage of our spending on ensuring that our teaching is high quality and teachers are equipped with the skills to ensure their teaching is of the highest quality. This means that lessons are adapted effectively to make sure all children make good or better progress. The school understands the importance of high quality marking and feedback and sees this as essential to children making excellent progress. Teaching assistants are well trained and deployed strategically to ensure maximum impact.

  • Interventions:

  • We plan for a small number of highly effective interventions across the school. This is in addition to the quality first teaching and never replaces core whole class lessons. Interventions are delivered by teachers or well-trained teaching assistants and the impact of this work is measured. Interventions include: Better Reading Partners, First Class@ Number, Talk Boost, A to Z of Literacy

  • Emotional and Social Well Being:

    We place real value on delivering a high quality PSHE curriculum which permeates all aspects of school life. Our strong ethos of respect and care influence the way in which staff, children and families communicate and get on together. In addition we provide support for children with specific emotional, social or behavioural issues. These interventions include: small group learning mentor groups

    Curriculum and Enrichment:

    Our curriculum provides experiential learning opportunities for every termly topic. We invite visitors in to school e.g. Theatre Groups as well as trips to visit special places of interest. These opportunities mean that whatever a child’s life experiences have been, there will be a shared context for learning for the class. In addition we provide regular whole school enrichment days / weeks and supplement our Year 6 residential amp. Our lunch time and after school clubs provide another opportunity for children’s self-confidence and personal interests to be developed. We are a school that values outdoor learning, and recognise the power of forest schools on raising children’s self esteem

    Family and Community:

    Parents are invited to engage with their children’s learning through the day to day communication with the teachers, participation in parent workshops, open days, volunteering, learning mornings and afternoons and support with whole school events. The school takes an active approach with supporting the needs of families particularly with issues around health, housing and parenting. We employ a range of staff from our local communities and ensure they work closely with the school to target support effectively. 

    Use of evidence and research

  • The school uses national and local school based evidence to inform the work we do. We make sure that we employ approaches with a track record of making a difference. We monitor all we do in a systematic and robust manner and only continue with approaches and interventions that make a positive impact on our children and their learning. Key sources of research used by the school include: Sutton Trust; EEF, teacher led projects in school.

    To find out more about our use of the Pupil Premium Grant please see below:

  • Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-2023
  • Pupil Premium report 2019-2020

Sports Premium funding

Update on Spending March 2021

Please find here the latest Sports Premium spend to March 2021.  Any additional costings made over the next of couple of terms which will be on the final 2020- 2021 Sports Premium Speding report. 

The Department for Education (DfE) have contacted schools to let them know that they have extended the 31st March deadline for spending the Primary PE and sport premium funding that was carried forward from the 2019/20 academic year. Read here to see what the Association for Physical Education said.

Schools will now have until the end of this (2020/21) academic year to spend the carried forward funding, in line with the deadline for spending this year’s Primary PE and sport premium allocation.

Updated DfE guidance and conditions of grant documents will be uploaded to GOV.UK az it is made available