Climate Youth Strike Protest

Wednesday 26 February, 2020

As you know, climate activist Greta Thunberg is scheduled to attend the Climate Youth Strike Protest in Bristol this Friday. The authorities think it is important that you know that they are anticipating high numbers of people and significant disruption in the city centre. which present potential safeguarding  and transport issues.

The local authority is working closely with the police and other emergency services and trying to engage with the protest organisers to ensure the safety of people attending. However current estimates indicate there could be at least 15,000 people from around the country attending the protest, and it could be many more. The location for the protest is College Green.

Please think carefully before deciding to take your children to this protest. The Council nor the Police are responsible for children who attend this protest.  Children not at school will be the responsibility of their parents, carers or the responsible adults who signed them out of school.

Please see attached letter from the Police.