Author visit and book signing (1)

Friday 29 November, 2019

Katharine Orton, whose son Isaac is a pupil at the school, has just seen her first book Nevertell brought out by leading children’s publishers Walker Books.

She signed copies at a book fair at the school this week and plans to return to run some writing workshops with the children.

Nevertell is a fantasy adventure aimed at 9-12 year-olds and is described as a tale of friendshio, survival, sorcery and courage. Its central character, Lina, was born in a Soviet prison camp and had never seen the outside world until she escaped into the snowy wastes with her friend Bogdan.

Katharine said it was after hearing that children in the Soviet Union were not allowed to listen to fairytales that she decided to write the story that had been brewing inside her for years.

Mrs Skuce, who organised the school book fair, said: “It is so inspiring for the children at Compass Point to meet a published author and learn all about how her book was created. We are grateful to Katharine for giving her to time to share her work with us.”