Admissions Consultation

Friday 11 December, 2020

Consultation on Admission Arrangements for the 2022/23 intake

In compliance with the School Admissions Code 2014, the Trust is consulting on proposed changes to the School's admission arrangements for the 2022/23 intake between 12.00 noon on Friday, 11th December 2020, to 12.00 noon on Friday, 29th January 2021.

 The consultation documents can be accessed here:

 Consultation Notice

 Proposed new Admission Policy for 2022/2023

 Proposed new Request for Admission Outside Normal Age Group form

 A summary of the proposed changes, together with instructions as to how consultees can submit their views on these changes, are contained within the Consultation Notice.


Full details of the Trust's consultation in respect of the admission arrangements for the 2022/2023 intake for all of its schools can be found here