Sparrow Class

Welcome to Term 1 Sparrows!

In Year 1 we provide learning opportunities that build on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

We believe that it is important for adults to support children’s learning by providing experiences both inside and outside that reflect the children’s ongoing interests, ignite new learning opportunities, extend current knowledge and teach new skills. Adults get involved by modelling by example. We decide when child‐initiated or adult‐led activities would provide the most effective learning opportunities to ensure the expected skills and knowledge are acquired across the Year 1 curriculum.

 High quality PSHE lessons are taught with a strong emphasis on well -being permeating through. Every Day ‘Calm Me’ sessions after lunch enable children to relax and be present in the moment, without thinking about what has happened before or is going to happen next but focussing on the now. The children have reported ‘I feel more relaxed.’ ‘I feel calm now.’ Emotions are a communicator and we hope these strategies will be life skills to support our children to be calm and enable them to acknowledge the emotions they feel and have time to think about what their emotions are communicating and how to respond to these.

 Reading is encouraged throughout the school day. Children have an opportunity to read fiction and non-fiction books with adults, independently and with peers on a daily basis. Cosy corners have been created inside and outside to encourage quiet spaces for children to curl up and read a book during child-led time. Please read as much as possible with your child. Miss Birkett has created a video to support this on Class Dojos.

Phonics is taught every day. We are currently teaching phase 4 phonics. Additional resources for learning phonics can be found at Mr Thorne on You Tube and Alphablocks on the BBC, also Phonics Play is a great website we use in school.

Spelling: Each Friday your child will be given a new set of ‘Tricky Words’ to practise reading and writing. They should practise spelling using the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' process and when they are secure with the spelling they could write some sentences. Mrs Wardle has created a video to support this on Class Dojo.

In mathematics we are recapping and building on our place value knowledge. We are learning to use standard measures such as rulers and metre sticks and applying this knowledge to compare heights and lengths, using mathematical language, shortest and longest, shorter and longer to compare. The children have chosen to consolidate this learning independently during child-led time. We are applying our learning to real life experiences such as estimating how many conkers Mrs Wardle found on a walk with her dog Olive and then counting the conkers one by one to 124! Wondering, how many we would have if we had found one more or one less from a group of 20 conkers.

Your child can use their login to access Numbots to practise maths.

 PE is on a Monday afternoon. The children will be engaging in progressive fun-filled activities. This will help develop children's respect and resilience through activity. The children will also be engaging in challenging skills which they will develop and apply in game situations.

We are keen for the Sparrow class children to follow their fascinations as scientists, engineers, artists, mathematicians, authors- the list is endless!

Please ask the Sparrow Class Team if there is anything you would like to know more about.

 The Sparrow team (Miss Birkett, Mrs Towels and Mrs Wardle)