Eagle Class

Welcome to Eagle Class!

In this term our topic is...Earth and Space!

This term we have an out of this world (quite literally!) science topic. We will be learning about our solar system and the different planets. We will be linking this to our prior learning of forces and be considering the impact of gravity on objects on Earth. There will be exciting practical experiments, including making eggonauts spaceships with parachutes and using a torch to represent the orbit of the moon and explain why we have day and night! There are several opportunities for cross-curricular learning including making a 3D solar system in Art and D.T and responding to music by Gustav Holt. We will also be having a WOW trip to watch a 3D planetarium show at We the Curious. This topic is simply sentsational and I am sure your children will love it!

In maths we are learning the column method for addition and subtraction. We will also learn how to solve multi-step problems and questions which use the inverse as well as learning how to estimate, round and approximate. We will then move onto looking at statistics, including bar and line graphs and begin our multiplication and division block.

We also have an amazing outdoor learning week, an art week - where children can make lanterns for the fantastic Bedminster Lantern Parade and of course, the exciting christmas production!

We will continue to develop and promote wellbeing, teach high quality PSHE lessons and fill any gaps missed from the period of time when schools were closed,  as well as teach the new core learning from the Year 5 Curriculum. We will also be ensuring that the children are able to engage in creative opportunities to support and enhance wellbeing.

Please message me via ClassDojo if you have any questions or require any further information.

Kind regards,

Miss Nyiri  


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