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Compass Point Primary School


Environmental Sustainability

At Compass Point we are aware of the environental issues facing our planet and the need to create a more sustainable future. We know that many young people are increasingly concerned about climate change and want to learn and take action.

As a school we are always looking at opportunities to reduce our environmental impact and have implented the following

- in school we encourage children to resuse items where possible and recycle paper, cardboard, food, plastic, glass and metal

- we discourage single use plastic and use washable cups at lunchtimes and make our Christmas hats or crackers

- our catering supplier has introduced meat free days in our lunch menu and can cater for vegan diets.

- our cleaning contractor is ISO14001 compliant and uses planet friendly cleaning products

- our PTFA sells second hand uniform and we encourage families to donate unwanted Christmas jumpers

- all our bulk waste is collected by an environmentally responsible provider who diverts materials from landfill through charitable donations and recycling

- we encourage children and staff to walk, scoot or cycle to school. We have two large bike racks and are signed up to the Cycle to Work scheme and run bikeability courses for KS2

- we promote biodiversity at our forest school with overgrown areas and a bug hotel 

- we help our children understand the world and develop the skills and attitudes to live fulfilled lives as responsible citizens.

We are continually reviewing our processes and suppliers and are committed to improving the sustainability of the school and welcome suggestions and feedback from parents, staff and friends of the school.