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Compass Point Primary School

Physical Education

Physical Education- A door to be physically fit and healthy for your future.

Our Vision

At Compass Point Primary School our vision for Physical Education and Sport has a vital role to play in building character strength. Our children will have belief and purpose understanding that they can be and will be successful in all areas of physical activity impacting on the whole school education and later life.

Through regular physical activity our children will develop a positive mind-set and attitude, believing in themselves that they are confident and competent in PE. Our children will be able to be inspired to all become maybe competitors within their own right.

Through all the sporting opportunities and physical activity we offer, the children will develop a love and passion for sport.

Year 1 having a go at ‘Funny faces!’ A fun activity to understand the concept of a map or plan and the use of symbols and a key. The children had to transfer information on a plan to reality and create the face using cones, quoits and bean bags. The children Years 1,3,4,5 and 6 have also been doing problem solving, team building games and learning orienteering map reading skills. (Term 4 2021)


Developing and strenthening our core. We developed this challenge by having both hands and feet off the ground! (Yellow First FUNS card from Real PE)  (Term 4 2021)

Our PE Curriculum

Mrs Venn our PE co-ordinator is currently delivering high quality PE to years REC to year 4, weekly. The Year 5/6 staff are delivering their PE weekly. All children really look forward to their PE lessons and arrive dressed in their kits to participate safely.

Since lockdown the PE Curriculum Long Term Plan has been re-written with the importance of well being at it’s core.

The most recent lockdown during the winter months has been the most challenging for everyone, especially for our children, so Orienteering, and fun problem solving activities are a priority for terms 4 and 5. We want to engage all children in fun activities, which encourage communication, decision-making, and problem solving which in turn are character building developing resilience. Our school has been professionally mapped and so we can take orienteering to a higher level!Most importantly having fun!

You can see our maps here:

1. School map

2. Playing field map.



Swimming will go ahead when pools are re-opened. We are going to ensure our Year 6 start and achieve the mandatory 25m swimming distance.




Real PE has been incorporated into the Recovery PE Long Term Plan.  

We are also incorporating the Real PE with the Social, Physical and Health and Fitness cogs being a priority. ALL children are also starting with the Yellow First FUNS cards. These skills are vital in developing skill, resilience, strength through exciting challenges, which are monitored with a traffic like system assessment approach. 


Real PE is a unique, chid centred approach that transforms how we teach PE to engage and challenge EVERY child in primary school.’

‘It is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focusses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique and market leading approach to teaching and learning in PE.’


Recovery P.E. Curriculum Long Term Plan

Rec and KS1and KS2

 Learning Nutrition

Using the learning nutrition grid below from Real PE is a good guide to see how the attitude towards PE/Physical Activity can become cultural and habitual.



Festivals have been cancelled up until now, however, with the lifting of the current lockdown The Ashton Park School Sports Partnership lead by the Partnership Develop Manager Cherry Kruas is currently putting an organiser of events for the remainder of the academic year with orienteering being one of them. These are exciting times for us all!! Watch this space!


P.E. Curriculum Long Term Plan – September 2021

Rec and KS1

Enjoy our Gallery!


Cycling Proficency



Robins Football Festival at the City Ground - 24.05.21


Bristol Bears Tag Rugby Festival at the home of Bristol Bears - 25.05.21