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Compass Point Primary School


Mathematics is an essential element of everyday life. At Compass Point we aim to give all children a positive and fun experience of maths based firmly around the National Curriculum's aims of fluency, problem solving and reasoning. We place a strong emphasis on the four operations (addition, subtraction, division & multiplication) as well as geometry, measure, fraction/decimals/percentages and statistics. Alongside explicit maths lessons, where children learn both written and mental methods, we aim to provide children with mathematical experiences which have a real life context.

We have adopted the Mathematics Mastery approach to teaching maths. Further reading on this approach can be found here but a summary of this can be found below.


Objects and pictures:

Children use concrete manipulatives (objects) and pictorial representations (pictures), before moving to abstract symbols (numbers and signs).

Language development:

The way that children speak and write about mathematics has been shown to have an impact on their success. Lessons are carefully sequenced, introducing and reinforcing mathematical vocabulary. Every lesson includes opportunities for children to explain or justify their mathematical reasoning.

Problem solving:

Mathematical problem solving is then applied – it is both how children learn maths, and the reason why they learn maths. By accumulating knowledge of mathematics concepts, the children can develop and test their problem solving in every lesson.

Work is differentiated to ensure all children are challenged and supported. We use a range of different resources (eg numicon, diennes and cuisenaire), models and images to help children develop a solid understanding of number.

If children need extra support in maths we run a number of intervention programmes – Numbers Count, First Class at Number and Success @ Arithmetic.

Home Learning:

All children in the school have been given access to TimesTables Rockstar or Numbots to practice Timestables and Numberfacts at home. The app is free to download and available from your app store. Alternatively you can log-in here:



White Rose Maths have also released a 1-Minute Maths app to help children to build greater number confidence and fluency in engaging 1-minute chunks. Available to download from any app store.


Useful Documents


We have developed our own calculation policy to ensure we are teaching key mathematical skills in a consistent and progressive way.

Calculation Policy

We use a consistent mathematical language across the school in order to developing a deeper understanding of number and the way they relate to each other. Each mathematical language skill has an icon related to it.

Mathematical Skills Language

Maths websites for children

Below is a list of useful websites to use at home. These links will take you to sites which are full of excellent games and activities to help your child practice their maths skills. We also include links to high quality maths resources within each of the class blogs. these are added to on a termly basis so please keep checking back for new links and documents.

Maths Zone - Free interactive maths resources for use in schools, homeschooling or for homework arranged in the different maths topic categories.

Numeracy List of numeracy websites for 4-11 year old students, including games and activities and resources for teachers and parents.

NRICH Challenging maths games and activities

Count On Full of maths games, activities and further links