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4D Pop Up



The Pop Up

At Compass Point we are extremely lucky to be the owners of a 4D Pop Up, from 4D Imersive. The Pop Up is an inflatable space, 5m x 5.5m, which can be set up easily within around 10-15 minutes or so. It has a wide range of uses, and can be used by either an adult and a single child, or an entire class can fit inside.

It is promoted as an 'immersive space' - it contains two large screens with projectors to display graphics and video, a modern sound system, and two remotely controlled LED lights to illuminate the inside of the pod with varying intensity and colour. Adults can either use the built in programs to create an experience for children to supplement or direct their learning, or create their own experience tailored specifically to their lesson with their own and video and sound.

During our early years evening in the autumn term the children were lucky enough to go inside with their parents and take a look at the starts in the night sky!

As an inclusive school, in addition to applications for the standard curriculum and full classes, the pop up also is a fantastic opportunity for some children who may require extra provision for their learning, or to extend their learning. It is a fantastic sensory experience with lights, sounds and animations with built in programs for things like bubble tubes, cloud or floating through water.