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Art - Hokusai -The Great Wave

Osprey class have been engrossed in Michael Morpurgo's book Kensuke Kingdom where a boy falls from his sailing ship into the deep ocean! Not only have the children written some fantastic, descriptive writing in English they have also studied a a piece of art called The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai.

Hokusai was a famous Japanese artist born in 1760. Hokusai began to use interesting techniques to create some of his art. At an important Buddhist festival, Hokusai created a portrait of a priest using brooms and buckets of ink. The portrait was 180 metres long. Another time, Hokusai dipped a chicken’s feet in red ink and then chased the chicken across a piece of paper!

Hokusai is best known for using woodblock printing to create images of Mount Fuji and one of his most famous pieces of art is the print The Great Wave of Kanagawa.

Osprey looked closely at colours, line and perspective in order to create their own version of this wonderful piece of art in the style of Hokusai - take a look!