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Compass Point Primary School

Art - Graffiti Day

Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic opportunity working with Bristol based company - Graft Graffiti art!

The idea was to take inspiration from Bristol's famous ship SS Great Britain and mix it with graffiti art,

The day started with a visit from a member of the SS Great Britain education team,  looking at pictures and telling the chidlren interesting information and stories. Then the children had an introductory lesson explaining who the Grafty art team were and what they do. 

Children them ghot ot use pre-prepared SS Great Britain inspired stencils to design and create their own piece of graffiti art, using spray paint.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by all and some fantastic pieces of art were created.

The children were really proud showing off their wonderful art work in the review session and all truly admired each others work!